Here are some more architectural gems noted on our one day visit to Buenos Aires.
University of Buenos Aires Law School built by the Peron administration in 1949. Its massive neoclassical facade is intended to project power.
Church of Latter Day Saints Temple, completed in 1985 (photographed from a moving cab on the way into town from the airport)
The Casa Rosada (of course), completed in 1899. This is the government house (Casa de Gobierno) of Argentina.
Evita (on an office block seen on the road from the airport to central Buenos Aires)
Church (name unknown) surrounded by older apartments
Crumbling apartments
Elegant dome surrounded by modern apartments
Floralis Generica (Sculptor Eduardo Catalano), Plaza de las Naciones Unidas
Cultural Foundation dedicated to General Jose de San Martin who liberated Argentina, Chile and Peru from Spanish rule in early 1800s. San Martin is buried in a mausoleum in the Metropolitan Cathedral in Buenos Aires.
There are many statues and other sculptures throughout the city. This one over the entrance to the Hippodrome Argentino de Palermo race track.
Massive entrance to San Martin Palace, Argentinian Ministry of Foreign Relations. Originally built by Mercedes Castellanos de Anchorena in 1905.
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