Bearspaw is a rural community west of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The Rockies are on the horizon; and the industries are farming and ranching, oil and gas, and gravel extraction.
Bearspaw lies on a high bluff (around 1,400m) created by ancient glaciers and looks over the Bow River valley towards the Rocky Mountains.
The front range of the Rockies rises abruptly; these mountains are about 60 km from Bearspaw across the Bow River valley basin. This year, smoky haze from the California fires are obscuring the usually clear view.
The aspen leaves turn in September; by the end of October they are all gone and winter begins in earnest.
Bearspaw is primarily a farming and ranching area.
Gravel extraction is a major industry (and headache) in the area.
On the other hand, oil and gas operations merge peacefully into the farming landscape.
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