The National Parks Service runs guided hikes to the fossil beds on Mount Stephen and Mount Burgess. Weather is an issue because the fossil beds are in an area exposed to lightening strikes. Although it was raining heavily we were able to proceed up to the fossils on Mount Stephen despite hearing distant rolls of thunder.
It's a relatively easy hike even in the rain.
At a rest stop, our guide prepares to educate us.
It's cold and miserably wet. We just want to get on.
OurĀ  first siting of a fossilized trilobite - right along side the trail.
Over the shale, view of Field, BC from where we started the hike. Beyond is the Kicking Horse River.
The fossils on Mount Stephen are mainly of trilobites. There are more interesting fossils on Mount Burgess.
The rain did not let up, but wet fossils show well.
Moss blankets the forest floor.
We head back to Field.
Typical plant life along the trail.
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