This is the ship Ventus Australis or Southern Wind - a small cruise ship, 300 feet long with room for 200 passengers. In fact, it is considerably smaller than Leonardo Dicaprio's yacht Topas (450 feet). 

The Ventus Australis will take us from Ushuaia to Cape Horn where we will land on Hornos Island before attempting to go "round the Horn".
Ventus Australis docked in Ushuaia, Argentina
Cape Horn National Park on Hornos Island is home to the Cape Horners Memorial.
Looking northeast towards Tierra del Fuego.
Cape Horners memorial and sculpture. " In the name of the international friendly long-distance captains' Cap-Horners; in memory of all our passages round this cape". Cape Horn itself is in the background beyond the sculpture.
We visit the Cape Horners memorial sculpture, a steel silhouette in the shape of an albatross.
We prepare to leave Hornos Island in order to sail "round the Horn".
Looking back to Hornos Island with Cape Horn in the distance.
Cape Horn. We are on our way into the Drake Passage.
As we head into the notorious Drake Passage, the seas become significantly rougher and we retreat inside; ultimately we turn back and retrace our route towards Wulaia Bay, in the Murray Channel, our next stop.
The albatross skims its wing across the water...
...and sometimes dips deeper.
We go ashore at Wulaia Bay on the west shore of Navarino Island.
Wulaia Bay is home to a small museum (lower right) dedicated to the history of European contact with the Yamana people.
We prepare to depart for the Pia Glacier in the Beagle Channel.
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