Part 1. These are some of the spectacular views from the slopes of Kilimanjaro as we became accustomed to the altitude over several days hiking from the trail head to Karanga camp.
Kilimanjaro viewed from the plains in the west. The volcanic mountain stands about 16,000 ft above the surrounding area (Corel paint, digital art). 
Mt Meru (14,968 ft) framed by the vegetation of the rain forest on the lower slopes. Meru is also a dormant volcano.
View of the Kibo summit at dawn from the Shira crater (12,000 ft). Shira is one of the volcanic cones of Kilimanjaro; Mawenzie and Kibo, the highest, are the others.
The alpine desert terrain on the middle slopes. Again, Meru in the distance.
Sunset from above Moir Huts (14,000 ft).
Looking down to Moir Camp.
Curious trees (Senecio Kilimanjaro) near Barranco (13,000 ft).
Waterfall near Barranco..
Mt Meru (about 70 kilometers west of here) from Karanga Camp (13,000 ft). 

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