The architects of the twentieth century have much to answer for. They have seriously spoiled some of the the great architecture of earlier centuries by inflicting their unsympathetic designs on otherwise beautiful locations.

Here are just two examples from Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires. Each grid shows the view as it is (on the left) and as it used to be.

Let me know if you agree!  Just a bit of fun really, not to be taken too seriously!
This is the old colonial governor's building - the eighteenth century Cabildo de Buenos Aires (much restored over the years). On the left is the present view with the old Cabildo lost in the clutter of newer buildings. On the right the simple beauty of the Cabildo is revealed.
And below is the nineteenth century neo-classical facade of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires showing the removal of two recently built office towers. Zoom in on the relief carvings in the pediment above the columns.
As I would like to see it...
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