Protests in Santiago began in October 2019 in response to a public transport fare increase. Riots ensued and the army was called out to enforce order. Although the protests have dropped out of the news recently, problems continue and not just in Santiago (we witnessed an arson attack last week in Punta Arenas, Tierra del Fuego). The protesters' causes have broadened to include women's and indigenous rights, police actions, inequality, pensions, health care and capitalism in general. 

This project gathers some examples of the damage done and also records graffiti indicating some of the protesters' main causes. Location - from Plaza Baquedano to Centro Gabriela Mistral.
The defaced statue of General Baquedano in downtown Santiago
Local artist, Claudia Adrioloza, has painted a restrained depiction of blood on the sidewalks
"We were all going to be queens" - A poem by Gabriela Mistral. She wrote about children and women in Latin America.
Gabriela Mistral with tshirt captioned "Nous sommes rockers Sudamerican", a protest song against Pinochet by Los Prisioneros.
"I cover my face/You cover reality". Note the bleeding eyes, a reference to the police' alledged aiming of rubber bullets at protestors' eyes.
"My mother died waiting 10 hours in hospital for surgery"
"1973 All evidence was burned by the dictator Pinochet/2019 All evidence is disseminated and archived." (No more cenrorship)
"Stay out of Mapuche lands"
Matapacos (cop killer) the protest dog (now deceased) which had a reputation for joining protesters and attacking the police.
Justice for victims with injured eyes. This is Gustavo who was alledgedly blinded by police rubber bullets.
A p[rotest against face covering laws.
I understood this to be a generalized women's rights commentary
Bank of Nova Scotia intends to expand its Latin American presence. 
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