Sailing in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines ("SVG").
Admiralty Bay, Bequia Island
Our sister ship moored in Britannia Bay, Mustique 
(Above) - The crew L to R, Capt. JT, 1st Mate DD (with Julia in background), Training Capt. Max, Training 1st Mate Tania
Britannia Bay, Mustique
As we set sail for Union Island, we could see some extraordinary buildings on Mustique.
Passengers (L to R): Julia (with First Mate DD); Serge (at the wheel); Sue (in the life jacket); Chris (on the "Dolphin seat"); David keeping watch.
Our sister ship sails towards Union Island
Approaching Union Island.
Chatham Bay, Union Island
Chatham Bay, Union Island, anchored for the night.
Next morning sail into Saline Bay, Mayreau Island
And then on to Tobago Cays leaving Mayreau and Union behind.
Tobago Cays
Snorkeling on shallow reefs at Tobago Cays 
Venus and Jupiter with a new moon over Union Island, November 28, 2019.
Sailing back north to Bequia.
Back at Port Elizabeth, Bequia.
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