In 2017, lightening started a forest fire in the Verdant Creek valley between Kootenay and Banff National Parks. The following year, the Wardle Creek forest fire burned thousands of acres threatening the nearby Kootenay Park Lodge. These two fires together dramatically changed the landscape of the Vermilion and Simpson river valleys.
The Vermilion River and the 2017 Verdant Creek fire.
The fire burns on the slopes of Spar Mountain.
In 2018 the Wardle Creek fire surrounded Kootenay Park Lodge. The building survived.
The 2017 Verdant Creek fire burned the slopes of Mt. Shanks; while...
...across the Vermilion River, the 2018 fire burned the slopes of Mt Wardle...
Total devastation of the slopes of Mt Wardle.
Wardle Creek with Mt. Wardle beyond.
Spar Mountain in spring 2019, two years after the Verdant Creek fire.
The Vermilion River
The 2018 Wardle Creek fire burned right down to the Banff-Windermere highway.
The burn near Mt Wardle.
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